Server Room Cooling
When you are setting up your data centre you need to decide upon the best solution for cooling your server room – what you choose can make a major difference by improving overall energy efficiency and thus reducing operational costs.

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Server room cooling

Server Room Cooling

In general, your IT equipment only uses some 40% of the electricity that goes into the server room. Around 60% is consumed by the data centre’s supporting infrastructure, including:

  • UPS systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting

Our server room cooling systems are designed to provide your comms room or data centre with the most efficient cooling package available.

The benefits of efficient cooling

Keeping equipment at the right temperature is important for two main reasons. One, to keep servers functioning properly and two, to ensure the longest possible operational life for your equipment.

Energy consumption is lowered when you use modern, energy-efficient cooling systems and you can achieve improved performance and a longer life for your IT equipment. This delivers a reduction in electricity costs and your organisations carbon footprint.

  • Did you know? Within the UK, many energy-efficient products are registered under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme which means that 100% of the costs can be claimed against taxable profits

An overview of data centre cooling

There are several options available for cooling your data centre:

  • Wall mounted air conditioning units – using new inverter driven technology
  • Downdraught air conditioning units incorporating pressurised floor voids. These deliver cold air to the location required and are a popular option that can be scaled to your requirements.
  • CoolVapEvaporative Cooling – Our CoolVap™ system completely forgoes the need for refrigerant gases and is exceptionally efficient, proving to be up to 90% more economical than conventional air conditioning systems. Rather than recycling air, CoolVap™ systems introduce cooled fresh air into the environments in which they are installed, helping to create a truly healthy and productive internal environment. CoolVap™ technologies combined with the right design and specification from Comms Room Services can offer guaranteed cost savings and improved reliability.
  • Cold aisle and hot aisle containment solutions provide a complete separation of cold and hot airflows. A cold aisle enclosure consists of a ceiling and sliding doors at either end to contain the cold air being pumped into the corridor either from air-conditioning ducts above, through vented floor tiles below or from in-row coolers. The enclosure keeps the server inlet temperatures constant, allowing for higher inlet temperatures, resulting in a saving in overall cooling costs and, in some circumstances, enabling the use of free cooling even in warmer weather. A hot aisle enclosure can be designed to direct the hot air through grills or ducts in the ceiling of the enclosure into the ceiling void and round to the air-conditioning return, or in-rack cooling can be used to extract and cool hot air from the corridor.
  • In Row cooling units. These are placed between the server racks and deliver air directly into the cold aisle. The IT equipment (source of heat) and the cooling system are much closer together which results in shorter air distribution paths, more efficient distribution of cool air, no temperature change between chiller and destination and substantially lower energy consumption by the fans.

Of course, you want to get the maximum performance out of your IT equipment and at Comms Room Services we can talk you through the best solutions for your data centre. Please email or telephone and we’ll be happy to give advice and discuss your requirements.

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